Choosing the Web Design Agency For You With Just 7 Questions

Having a website and an online presence is increasingly necessary in today’s business world. Since it is usually the first link between you and your target audience, you want to make sure that the website is not only completely representative of your brand but can immediately make a good and memorable first impression to your audience. 

Everything from website user experience, site structure, headings, the colour theme, what the URL looks like, to whether it is responsive design (or mobile-friendly), plays a significant role in how the website is perceived. Lessen your worries by working with a high-quality web design agency to ensure that your website is one that you can be proud of. Choose the perfect website agency with these 7 questions. 

1. Can you show me examples of projects that have similar goals, target audience, or size as my company?

This should be one of the first questions to ask when you are on the hunt for a web design agency. Simply put, big companies have different needs from smaller companies. A website for a travel agency should not have the same vibe and tone as a company that sells medical technology. 

By looking at their portfolio, you can better assess their skills, capabilities, whether they can fulfil what you want for your website, and if they’re making websites that uses modern design trends. Is the agency able to pinpoint the detail and feel of the companies that they represent? Do their websites all follow the same template with identical structure and navigation or do they demonstrate a diverse range of design? A good fit would be one that is able to convey their experience in working with other similar companies while showing their diverse skills.

Check out our web design portfolio here!

2. What website building services do you offer?

Be sure to ask this question when deciding which agency to choose from. Some may be cheaper but the services they provide may be limited. Are you simply looking for a web design agency to help host your website or are you also looking for one that can provide content, social media management, SEM (Search Engine Marketing), or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services?

Make a list of what your website needs and business goals that you want to achieve to help you narrow down your search. In fact, we have written a guide on how to write a web design brief here.

3. Can the website be integrated with other existing third-party platforms?

Your website can’t just look pretty. It must also be functional. Ensure that your website can be integrated with existing third-party tools to help achieve your website goals. Email marketing platforms like mailchimp, convertkit, and Klaviyo are useful to market your goods or services through different venues while online payment toolkits like Stripe are necessary for the transfer of money between customers and your business. You may want to be compatible with online softwares and plug-ins like Gravity Forms and Typeform to build interactive forms or booking platforms like Amelia, Calendly, or Book Like A Boss. 

At Sinfa Digital Designs, our website design services are adaptable. If you have a specific software that you want to integrate into your website, just reach out to us directly to see whether it is possible.

Choosing the Web Design Agency For You With Just 7 Questions Sinfa Digital Designs


4. How will the design of the website generate more leads?

Asking this question right at the beginning helps you to align your goals and priorities with the web design agency. If they know what are the specific target goals, they can design the website with this priority at the forefront of their mind. Remember that the main goal of your website may not be limited to just leads, which is when you are able to convert potential customers through the initial sales journey as a result of the traffic to your website. Other goals may include building authority among your customer base or a way to disseminate information quickly and efficiently to save time from dealing with initial communications that may not lead anywhere. 

By understanding how the web design agency plans to achieve your website goals, you can see if they are the right fit for you.

5. What are the limitations of design revisions?

By learning about the limitations of design revisions, you are getting a clearer picture of the relationship you will have with your web design agency. To what extent would the web design agency allow you to make revisions? Are they willing to help you make changes to your website with basic web design tools after the website is designed or do they just help you design the website and that is the end of it?

Most web design agencies offer maintenance packages to help make revisions and small website edits to your website so as to avoid any mistakes.

We understand the importance of a website. That is why, we offer 2 rounds of major revisions for each project. You can also add-on our maintenance package afterwards for small website edits like updating texts, adding menu, and changing pictures, as a way to stay up to date. Read more about our website design process and maintenance package here.

6.Can the website’s capability expand as my company grows?

You probably don’t plan to stay the same size, offer the same services, and do the same thing forever. Businesses have to be able to adapt with the times. Likewise, your website should be able to adapt to how your business grows and expands. Be prepared for the future right from the start. Check if your website agency is able to expand the website’s capabilities easily or offer discounted redesign projects in years ahead. 

We offer discounted redesign projects 3 years down the line to ensure that your website is able to adapt to your needs, check our web design packages!

7. How are results measured?

There are currently many different analytical tools that measure unique visitors, bounce rates, page views, time on site, conversion percentage, and so much more. By looking at a combination of different analytics, you can get a better idea of where your website is at. 

Since you will focus on different measurements depending on your website goals, you need to ask the web design agency to see what kind of data they can measure for you. In terms of the bigger picture, you should coordinate with the agency directly to estimate the ROI (Return on Investment) that you can realistically achieve based on your budget, features, and target audience. 

Our Final Thoughts

Begin your website design journey today and choose Sinfa Digital Designs. As an experienced web design agency, we have the skills, background, and web design tools to help create your perfect website with great website user experience. We don’t only make a website but also provide premium plugins, updates, on-going security, weekly updates, daily website backups, speed optimisation, SSL secured certification, and website monitoring to make your website the best it can be.

If you’re not sure whether a third-party software will be compatible with your website or want to know more about your ROI when working with us, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Schedule a consultation call or if you’re not ready, contact us for more information about our packages and services.


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