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Branding is never going to be an accounting firm’s top priority. It’s difficult to be enthusiastic about the branding, but it’s an important subject that can help large practices solve issues when it comes to finding new clients.

This article will look into the counter-intuitive branding of 2 accounting firms, where they mixed their profession with passion.

Bulldog Accounting - Stand Out And Fetch More Clients

Differentiate Today And Fetch More Client Sinfa Digital Designs

Bulldog Accounting is a great example of success that follows strong branding. When the founder, Rachel Balchin, first started, she didn’t know what name to use to register with the Companies House. Her loved ones suggested using her own name for the business, but her instincts told her otherwise.

The main reason she chose to open her own accounting firm was to spend more time with her beloved Esme, her pet bulldog. She felt it was very important to reflect this.

Rachel had always had a lifelong passion for bulldogs. Now, as a proud bulldog mum, she wanted to incorporate her personal life into her professional arena by using Esme as what she described as a ‘figurehead’

Naming her accounting firm Bulldog Accounting was just the beginning. Rachel developed the firm’s branding in a far more dynamic manner.

To increase her firm’s exposure, she would go on social media and post on accounting related topics. In between posts, she would also mention her bulldog too. By sharing regular stories about Esme, it helps Bulldog Accounting stand out by having a human touch, and not just another accounting firm.

Unusual Branding - Does It Harm The Firm’s Credibility?

By developing such unusual branding, most people’s initial concern is that it may harm the firm and Rachel’s professional reputation. Persuading clients to trust you on financial subjects requires a fair amount of authority. Rachel’s family were concerned that she wouldn’t be taking seriously.

However, Bulldog Accounting’s strong brand image actually helped Rachel by attracting clients who she prefers to work this; dog lovers.

Although Rachel is extremely knowledgeable, Rachel said she takes a very relaxed and informal approach when she meets with clients. Her philosophy is that if they wanted an accountant who was for formal and professional, they wouldn’t have picked her anyway.

Later in 2019, Rachel will be giving a talk on ‘Lessons from My First Year in Practice’. In the speech, she’ll highlight the importance of authenticity, where she’ll explain that clients will be more likely to divulge sensitive information with you if you connect with them on a personal level.

Rachel doesn’t want to just be another cookie cutter accounting firm. She said that she wants her clients to be comfortable in chatting to her on phone about everything about their life and business. The clients she works with all tend to agree with this approach. They all enjoy the informal approach and the ability to talk on a more personal level.

While Bulldog Accounting’s strong branding had really helped Rachel slingshot her career, her firm isn’t the only one with unorthodox branding.

Death And Taxes – Niche Specific Branding

Differentiate Today And Fetch More Client Sinfa Digital Designs

Psyche Coderre also differentiated herself as a goth accountant, when she founded Death and Taxes.

Typically, accountants have a reputation for being less than exciting. Not Psyche though, she enjoys challenging stereotypes with her purple hair and all-black clothing. She acknowledges that she’s the very opposite of what people expect an accountant to look like!

You won’t miss her personality in Death and Taxes, it’s all ingrained within her firm. For starters, her logo is a grim reaper that holds a pay machine (instead of the more traditional scythe). The firm’s slogan is ‘keeping you in the black’.

While Death and Taxes got clients in different industries, her passion and involvement in the alternative mashup band, The Meme Punks, really helped in attracting more clients in the creative field. She said lots of musicians and artists find it easier relating to a goth accountant than someone more corporate wearing a suit and tie.

Psyche’s alternative approach to branding really helped her firm grow exponentially. Other than her purple hair, her unique branding really helped her accounting firm differentiate from everyone else in the market. She’s been enjoying overwhelming success so far, to the point where she’s oversubscribed with clients who share the same interest and ethos as her.

Showing Personality And Passion In The Online World

As the overall industry continues to shift towards the digital age, it is becoming increasingly important to show a strong personality and passion – to add a human touch. While both Rachel Balchin and Psyche Coderre are fairly extreme cases, they reveal the benefits of not just being another cookie cutter firm.In fact, Amanda Digne-Malcolm, ICEAWS’s Director of Practice, suggests that providing value and building a strong relationship with unique interest is key. All-in-all, dare to be different and stand out from the rest.

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