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Day: December 9, 2020

Web Design & Development

5 Reasons Why A Restaurant With A (Great) Website Turn More Tables

These days, TV and social media make running a restaurant look glamorous, and while it has its perks, you and I know that’s not exactly the truth. There’s typically very little profit margin and getting everything right is tough – especially when you work long hours yourself, and sometimes have to give up your own

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Search Engine Optimization

The Complete Guide To Local SEO For Wedding Venues & Suppliers

Is SEO (or search engine optimisation if we’re being formal) high on your agenda for your wedding business? If not, you could be leaving money on the table. Historically, the main ways that couples find wedding services are through word-of-mouth and wedding fairs. However, more and more couples are using search engines to find their

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Lead Generation

4 Popular Tips To Get Business Owners To Discuss Their Accounting Needs

Pushing for the sale doesn’t come naturally for many accountants. However, there are times where it’s necessary to do small talks to try in order to understand more about a potential client. For example, in networking and social events. What do you do after you’ve introduced yourself? Where do you find topics that are relevant

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Lead Generation

Differentiate Today And Fetch More Client

Branding is never going to be an accounting firm’s top priority. It’s difficult to be enthusiastic about the branding, but it’s an important subject that can help large practices solve issues when it comes to finding new clients. This article will look into the counter-intuitive branding of 2 accounting firms, where they mixed their profession

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